It is a fact that the gap between rich and poor is constantly widening. Unfortunately, politics and the church fail to the same extent thus social injustice is aggravated. On the other side one of the most serious problems of today is the irresponsible use of our planet’s resources. Here, too, the activities of all institutions are slowed down and halfheartedly, as decisions are often made from an economic point of view and strive for power, and rarely actually focus on focal points.


An ever-growing community of innovative companies, visionaries, private individuals, free thinkers and investors have come together to address today’s problems. The Libarty Ecosystem and with it the ‚libartysharetoken‘ was born, manifesting the fundamental goal: To help! The word Share in the sense of sharing gets a real meaning, because
of the profits generated from the entire Libarty ecosystem are invested in environmental and social projects!


• The libartysharetoken is an internal accounting unit for all transactions of the participating companies within the Libarty ecosystem. It is planned to extend the LST as a means of payment for product purchases and services.

• Customers of the participating Libarty companies receive the LST in the amount of their purchase (1 EUR corresponds to 1 LST). Value arises from the mandatory purchase of companies.

• In addition, value creation is driven by innovative investment strategies of Libarty Invest and free trading on various stock exchanges.

Our business model:

So let us explain how things work:
Imagine you own a company with a turnover of 1.0 million euros and you would like to use LST as a customer loyalty and acquisition tool, so that you receive 10%, i.e. 100,000 LST once free of charge from the system. If one of your customers makes use of your services or products (in the amount of 50,000 euros), he will receive 50,000 LST from you after paying the invoice as a thank you for his loyalty. For the next customer, it can be 10,000 euros, for the next 20,000 and so on until the LST are used up. In this case you would buy LST for your next customer. For you, the factor 100 implies that the purchase of 100,000 LST will cost you 1,000 euros, which will be invested in the reserve and for the further value creation of LST.

WIN – WIN principle

What does the customer gain from this? Let us take this example:

Your customer receives a gift from you – no points, no empty promises, but cash in the form of the LST, which can be redeemed immediately. The selling price in the example is 50.000 Euro. This means that your service or product has actually cost them only 49,500 euros. He can also keep the LST and sell it at a better price. According to our calculations, the value will be around 1 Euro per LST in about 1 – 2 years. Your product or service will therefore cost him nothing. On the contrary, depending on the course of the LST, there is also the possibility of making a profit.

What do you get as an entrepreneur?

You have probably already guessed. The customer will buy from you again, and he will of course recommend you to others. In this way, you create loyal customers and expand your customer base. The customer will buy from you again and will naturally recommend you to others. This is how you create loyal customers and expand your customer base. In addition, you will be promoted and recommended to an ever-growing community in the Libarty ecosystem, which will increase your visibility and give you the opportunities you dream of in the Libarty community. Finally, the tax office will pay you the LST because you can deduct 100% of it as advertising costs.

What does the LibartyShareToken gain from this?

Quite simply – HE LIVES ON IT.
Transactions are on the increase, more owners mean greater awareness, greater demand, constantly increasing reserves, steady value development – risk-free in one direction:


• Token gift phase: 08/01/2019 to 12/31/2020 – max 10,000 LST
• Advertising phase: 09/01/2019 to 08/31/2020 – max 100,000 LST per wallet – sale at the calculated price, limited to a maximum of 10,000,000 LST in total.
• September 2019 * Foundation of Centbycent Ltd.
• November 2019 * SEIWIEUWE merchandising test phase
• June 2020 * Founding of Libarty SL
• August 2020 * Founding of Libarty Invest
• September 2020 * Listing at VinDax
• December 2020 * first distribution from the Libarty Charity Wallet to social projects
• March 2021 * libartysharetoken connection to open source exchanges and exchangers
• May 2021 * libartysharetoken on its own blockchain with its own wallet

If you are interested in our complete presentation/whitepaper: click HERE