CEO & Project team members

CEO of the company (Centbycent LTD):

Uwe Rainer Trott, Malta CEO

Instructor in the field of crypto solutions and everyday
Applications at the Wifi-Institutes Austria and the IHK-teaching centres in Germany, consultant of the Tyrolean
Economic Senate for blockchain applications.

Project team members:

Birgit Viett, Malta – project management

Many years of experience with the best references in this function, among others for a nonprofit Association
in Germany, also known for its creative and strategic problem-solving


Selina Knapp, Austria – technical management, support

A multiple award-winning entrepreneur from the hotel and catering industry with outstanding
expertise in public relations, customer care, tourism promotion

Uwe Seim, Spain –
customer service

Experienced Investment Relations Manager with the best reputation and years of proven success
in the field of investments, shares, securities, trading and also a recognized specialist in crypto investments

Silla Voigt, Spain, Controller

Successful manager – specializing in trade, branch networks, with over 20 years of experience in management,
core competencies in accounting, personnel management, and network development.

Pascal Rene Bröckel, Austria – Social Media Coach

Successful networker with the best reputation for several years, marketing
expert and also a recognized specialist in crypto investments