VinDAX is the cryptocurrency exchange foundation using the tools and resources that can increase traders and investors‘ profit potential, performance and understandings.

By enhancing the experience and acknowledging a new wave of market participants, VinDAX removes the ‘house edge’. Entering VinDAX exchange, their trader can be free from risky participation and can experience a new wave of market participants. Furthermore, through VinDAX’s tools, resources and customizable interface, users can be kept up with an informed strategy and decision making.

So, if you want to buy LST:

Or do you prefer our Hongkong partner: Coinlim?

Launched in Apr 2018, Coinlim is a centralized exchange and currently has a technical team of about 60 people based in Hong Kong. Aiming to provide a safe, fast, transparent and open trading environment for global traders, the CoinLim Coin Digital Asset Trading Platform was reportedly established by HONG KONG RISE SUCCESS INVESTMENT LIMITED.

Another option is available now: Finexbox

Launched in Oct 2018, Finexbox is a centralized exchange that is based in Hong Kong. Finexbox describes itself as a full-featured spot trading platform for digital assets. Finexbox offers leveraged margin trading through a peer-to-peer funding market, allowing users to trade with up to 3.3x leverage.